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Bats About Kasanka and the Lusaka National Park Visitor’s Guidebooks are availabe in 3 formats, so you can read them on all of your mobile and other devices.

Special Offer!

Although all the proceeds from the sales of our ebooks go directly into Zambian conservation projects, we decided during the COVID-19 pandemic that we would slash our prices to just US $2.99 each, so that you could easily afford to take these handy ebooks with you when you go on your next wildlife safari.   

About our ebooks

Epub and pdf versions

You can purchase the epub and pdf versions directly from our website on our Shop page.

Epub versions can be downloaded and read on your smartphone, tablet or ereader using Apps such as OverDrive.

If you do not already have an ereader app, then check out your Apple Store or Google Play to find the best one for your device.  Many of them can be downloaded and used for free.  Our ebooks have been designed to automatically adust to fit your screen size and will allow you to change your display options, such as enlarging and changing fonts and opening up the maps and pictures for easy viewing.

Our pdf versions are a fixed format, allowing you to easily read and scroll down through our ebooks on your laptops and computers, along with any of your devices that can read pdf files.

Kindle versions

You can also buy the kindle editions from Amazon.co.uk.

Further information

All our ebooks are Zambian publications, having a registered Zambian ISBN.

Please note that all maps, pictures and photographs are protected under copyright law, so if you would like to use any of the images for personal use please contact us!

All proceeds from our ebooks go into Zambian conservation projects.