Bats About Kasanka


Your dedicated bat safari companion to Kasanka National Park, in an easy to read, interactive epub format for your ereader apps on your smartphone, tablet or computer.



One of Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacles” – every year the world’s largest mammal migration takes place in Zambia – when an estimated 10 million African straw-coloured fruit bats gather at the picturesque Kasanka National Park.  Kasanka is also home to a wide variety of bat species, ranging from the tiny Banana bat to the rare Dobson’s pipistrelle.

Our updated bat ebook brings you fascinating information on all 36 diverse species of bats that live and visit Kasanka National Park, including a full bat guide and useful bat species check-list.

It is packed full of colour photographs to help you identify the bats and includes detailed park maps, a history of how the bats became famous, advice on planning your Kasanka bat safari, along with handy travel tips and useful links.

Whether you are planning to visit, or just want to find out more about the world’s largest mammal migration and the wide variety of bats that live at Kasanka, then our fact-filled guide is your ideal bat safari companion in an easy to read flip-enabled epub format for smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

This revised for the 2021 Bat Season epub edition has been published by ARC Zambia and The Kasanka Trust, with all proceeds going directly into conservation projects.

Zambian ISBN Number: 978 – 9982 – 70 – 630 – 8