Innovative Technologies


We have seen how modern technologies have transformed the lives of Zambians.

Mobile phones have changed the way that people communicate – not only making it easier for families to stay in contact, but they are now used to download music, videos and all different types of information – even to easily send money home!

This technology has been embraced across the Country – in the remotest of locations you will find someone who can show you the best place to find mobile phone reception – even if that means climbing a termite mound!

Arc is looking at how mobile phones, tablets and their Apps are being used and how they can be used to reach rural communities to educate them about wildlife and conservation issues.

We are also looking further afield to see how the development of new technologies are enhancing conservation methods in other countries and how we can bring these to Zambia to benefit traditional conservation methods.


Our newest project is the publication of local visitors’ guidebooks – but instead of publishing them in a traditional paper book format, we are producing them as ebooks.

ebooks are increasingly becoming more popular as they can be downloaded and read on a variety of different mobile devices, having many benefits over traditional books:

  • eco-friendly – being paperless, they require no trees to be cut down to produce them
  • easily downloadable – you can buy your guidebook from the comfort of your own home
  • more convenient – you can carry a whole library of books around on just one device
  • adaptable – you can change the font size of your ebook, making it more pleasurable and easier to read
  • ebooks can also be regularly updated, making sure you always have the latest information at your fingertips


Bats About Kasanka – a fact-filled guide to the wide variety of species of bats that live and visit Kasanka National Park.  It includes maps, bat species guide, history of the famous African straw-coloured fruit bats at the park, visitor’s information and handy travel tips.  It has a Zambian ISBN and has been jointly written with The Kasanka Trust, with all proceeds going directly to conservation projects.


Our 2019 updated edition of Bats About Kasanka is now available from our Shop in flip-enabled epub format for your ereader, and in static pdf format for your computer.  You can also buy the Kindle edition direct from Amazon


Visitor’s Guidebook to Lusaka National Park – including maps, mammal and bird checklists, information on the Park’s history, landscapes, visitor’s information and a detailed safari guide on all the large mammals that live in the park.  It has a Zambian ISBN and all proceeds go directly into ARC and the Lusaka HWPO Unit conservation projects.


Our updated 2019 edition of the Lusaka National Park Visitor’s Guide is now available from our Shop in both epub and pdf formats and you can now buy your kindle version on Amazon

ereader apps are freely available for all your mobile devices

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